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Our Services

  • 60 Minutes Full Body, Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage  $80

  • 30 Minutes Back or Front. Ideal for a target area; such as head, neck and shoulders  $50

  • 30 Minutes Foot Massage  $50

  • 30 Minutes Cupping Therapy $50

  • 60 Minutes Lomi Lomi (Hawaiian) Massage $100

  • 90 Minutes Lomi Lomi (Hawaiian) Massage $150

  • 60 Minutes Warm Bamboo Massage Therapy $90
  • 90 Minutes Relaxation or Deep Tissue Full Body Massage + Foot Massage.  This total body massage is designed to leave you feeling relaxed, refreshed and renewed. $120
  • 90 Minutes Hot Stone Massage (Full Body) $125

  • 60 Minutes Cellulite Cupping Therapy (per treatment) $80 or for Four treatments $300

    ** For Hot Stone Massage and Cellulite Cupping Therapy please call in advance to schedule.

    ** Aromatherapy is also available upon request!
    ** Cupping and/or Red Light Therapy is also available with a massage upon request (extra charge)

    ** Gift Certificate Available!

    Phone: (989) 249-1775
    Text: (989) 284-0998

    4060 Bay Road
    Saginaw, MI 48603

    Business Hours:

    Monday - Tuesday from 11:30 AM - 8:30 PM
    Thursday - Saturday from 11:30 AM - 8:30 PM
    Wednesday & Sunday - Closed

    By Appointment Only

Cupping therapy is a form of massage therapy which decompresses soft tissue using vacuum suction, unlike other forms of massage that compresses soft tissue.  During cupping, the cup gently sucks to your skin and lifts the underlying soft tissue into the cup.


What are the benefits of cupping therapy?

The following are just some of the few benefits of Cupping:

  • Release scar tissue and fascial adhesion
  • Reduce painful trigger points
  • Improve circulation, blood and lymph circulation
  • Relieve pain
  • Promote mobility and range of motion
  • Improves mature scars
  • Decrease toxins

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